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MotiMera is a religiously and politically independent non-profit association that works to give everyone the opportunity to increase their knowledge and education with others for personal health, development and participation in society.

MotiMera's vision

A world characterized by sustainable development. MotiMera wants to strengthen and deepen health in all areas of society for sustainable development. Our view of education is based on the individual's ability to shape his or her own life together with other individuals. By increasing the influence and participation of all individuals, we strengthen democracy. MotiMera gives each individual opportunities to grow and strives to be a driving force for the development of association life, culture and society.

MotiMera's values

MotiMera works to give everyone the opportunity to increase theirs together with others knowledge and education for personal health, development and participation in society. MotiMera works to enable people to influence their life situation and which creates commitment to participate in societal development by offering meeting places for learning experiences and community. MotiMera prioritises work that aims to bridge educational gaps and those that focus on education, socially and culturally disadvantaged people.

Scientific approach

MotiMera works closely with universities nationally and internationally. Our range of courses and pedagogical thinking is characterized by a scientific approach and by our emergence from the academic world. Communicating evidence-based knowledge and making it available is an important task for us.

International perspective

MotiMera operates internationally and works to bring an international perspective into our business. We exchange experiences and collaborate in projects through collaboration with universities and non-profit associations in various international networks.

Motimated partners

Through collaboration with expertise in various areas in Sweden and internationally, we can offer courses and projects. Together with our partners and course participants, we create various forms of business. We start from your conditions and combine with our health and public education perspective.

Region Västerbotten


Genom att samla kraft och kompetens i en gemensam organisation blir vi starkare och kan skapa bättre förutsättningar för en kraftfull, långsiktig och hållbar utveckling för hälso- och sjukvård, regional utveckling, kultur, kollektivtrafik och besöksnäring. En region ger också möjlighet att skapa de bästa förutsättningarna för samverkan med kommunerna.

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